A Miracle Salvation

Slide1The persistent grace of God is an aspect of His nature that humanity will never fully grasp. Even the finest Christian thinkers and theologians will never unravel the complexities of God’s graciousness. While He has given us a mere glimpse of His glory through the work of our Savior, the far-reaching power of this grace is beyond human capacity. Yet, it becomes a joyous reality for us when we come in contact with this grace. When the Gospel first captivates the heart of the depraved, the reality of God’s grace, through Christ, is enough to overwhelm even the hardest of souls.

However, after the moment of salvation, this amazement can so easily fade as life happens.

Like so many before us, it can be easy to forget all that the Lord has done in us. It can be easy to forget where we came from and what we’ve been saved from. Therefore, it can be so necessary for us to recalibrate our mindset back to where we were once captivated by our miracle salvation.

For me, the most recent recalibration took place in April 2013 at The Gospel Coalition National Conference. I was listening to Colin Smith during one of the plenary sessions and felt absolutely awestruck at my salvation. Colin was making the point that God’s grace has the ability to save the obviously wicked, however, it also has the power to save the ignorantly self-righteous.

This was me growing up. I come from a good home with parents that loved Jesus. I grow up in a comfortable middle-class family where we always had enough and even little extra sometimes. I was a good kid that never got in trouble and always kept his nose clean. Most of my friends were from church and therefore rarely created any anti-Christian influence. I knew all the bible verses that a good Christian boy should know. I went to church three times a week, bible club at school once a week, and a missions trip every summer. I was the poster boy for good Christian living.

So where is the miracle in this story? It’s simple. See, I was not a drug dealing gang-banger or a wild, partying miscreant. Yet, my self-righteousness produced the same filth in my soul. To be honest, at least the gang-banger knows he’s a mess. At least the wild partier feels the consequences of their stupidity. However, for me, there was no sting from self-righteousness. Instead, there was a cocky smile and judgmental scowl as I looked down on those that couldn’t match my level of righteousness.

My miracle salvation lies in the fact that God’s grace awakened me to the knowledge of my own depravity, even though I fit the profile of a perfect Christian. For me, the poster boy of Christianity, to realize that I was as vial and wretched as the gangbanging drug dealer is a miracle unto itself. This recalibration once again caused my heart to be re-captivated by His glorious grace.

I pray that we all take the time to remember where we’ve come from. Whether you were the gang-banging drug dealer, the lying gossip, the hateful slander, the lustful pervert, or the self-righteous Pharisee; may you remember your miracle salvation.

Be re-captivated by the Gospel and the redemption, justification, sanctification, restoration, reconciliation, and revitalization found in the person and work of Christ.


About Justin Adour

I am a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, a chaplain, and teacher. As I delve into the richness and depths of the Gospel, each of these roles provides a new perspective into the grace of God. As I attempt to faithfully live out and think through the implications of Gospel, I ask you to journey with me. The depths of this grace will never fully be known, but the pursuit is life giving.
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1 Response to A Miracle Salvation

  1. I have read that God’s grace is the only thing that produces righteousness in anyone… The Holy Bible scriptures do not support or provide evidence that there is even such a thing as self-righteousness. Goodness is GOD at work in ALL sinner’s lives before, during, and after accepting Lord Jesus as “Jesus is Lord”… That is the true and accurate definition of omnipotent, omniscient, and “working all things unto himself”… GOD and Lord Jesus just want everyone to acknowledge where all goodness originates… GOD is synonymous with GOOD. GOD is way more involved in his creation than most realize… If you set a good example and give GOD’s grace the credit, then you are boasting of the work one has allowed The Holy Spirit to do in one’s life through submission and obedience… Let’s celebrate righteousness and not our unworthiness with the struggles of sin… If only the church had more righteousness to celebrate rather than relating to each other in Christian’s struggle to let “Jesus take the wheel”. LET GO and LET GOD and SURELY GOODNESS WILL PERVADE MY EXISTENCE ALL MY DAYS – To God Be The Glory and To Lord Jesus Be The Praise….

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