Our New Journey

NavLogo-colorAs you may or not have heard, our family has begun a new journey. We are so excited to officially announce that we have come on staff with The Navigators working at New York University in Manhattan!

Check our latest announcement update

Also connect with us at our new family blog page to keep up with how you can partner with us in this new missions endeavor.

We’d love to keep in touch!

About Justin Adour

I am a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, a chaplain, and teacher. As I delve into the richness and depths of the Gospel, each of these roles provides a new perspective into the grace of God. As I attempt to faithfully live out and think through the implications of Gospel, I ask you to journey with me. The depths of this grace will never fully be known, but the pursuit is life giving.
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2 Responses to Our New Journey

  1. BJ says:

    Been praying for you for this for a while. Good to see it is official and public.

    • Justin Adour says:

      Thank you so much for the prayers BJ. They are greatly appreciated. It’s been quite a journey with some uncertainties ahead, but looking forward to God’s continued faithfulness. Thanks again bro

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